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03/02/2023Writing Effective Grant Proposals - Online Learning
03/15/2023The Course in Community Planning - Westmoreland County
03/22/2023The Course in Subdivision & Land Dev. Rev. - Lycoming County
03/30/2023Building a Strong Planning Commission - PMPEI
04/04/2023The Zoning Officer & Zoning Hearing Board - PMPEI
04/05/2023Webinar- Stop Signs and Intersection Safety
04/07/2023Est. a Rental Property Inspection Program - Online Learning
04/12/2023Webinar - Records Disposition
04/19/2023The Sunshine Act and Amendments
04/24/2023Managing the Subdivision Review Process - PMPEI
04/26/2023The Course in Zoning Administration - Lycoming County
05/01/2023Building a Strong Planning Commission - PMPEI
05/02/2023Police Civil Service Procedures Training
05/04/2023The Zoning Officer & Zoning Hearing Board - PMPEI
05/05/2023Public Works Management - Online Learning
05/09/2023The Course in Community Planning - Crawford County
05/10/2023Webinar- Sidewalk Safety
05/11/2023Municipal Police Department Supervision and Oversight
05/17/2023Webinar - The Importance of Social Media Policies in the Wor
05/18/2023Municipal Budgeting and Finance
05/18/2023Capital Budgeting
05/24/2023Webinar - Social Media Pitfalls for Mun. & Local Off. Comm.
05/25/2023The Zoning Officer 101
05/30/2023Your Role As Municipal Secretary/Administrator
05/31/2023The Limits To Zoning - PMPEI
06/01/2023Managing the Subdivision Review Process - PMPEI
06/12/2023The Zoning Officer & Zoning Hearing Board - PMPEI
06/14/2023Webinar- Sidewalk Design and Maintenance
06/21/2023Community Economic Development Series - Online Learning
06/22/2023Webinar- Outdoor Economy & Downtown Revitalization - Part 1
06/29/2023Webinar- Outdoor Economy & Nature Based Downtown Rev. Part 2
07/19/2023Webinar - The Right To Know Law - An Agency Perspective
08/02/20232023 PA Municipal Legal Update
08/16/2023Understanding Complete Street Policies - Online Learning
08/24/2023Municipal Budgeting - Online Learning
09/06/2023Webinar - Taxation and Millage Primer
09/13/2023Webinar - Open Records Act Update
09/19/2023Police Civil Service Procedures - Online Learning
09/27/2023Webinar - Mandatory Organization Meeting
10/19/2023Capital Budgeting - Online Learning
10/20/2023Winter Maintenance Basics & Best Practices - Online Learning
10/25/2023Webinar - Preparing for a New Council
10/30/2023Your Role As a Municipal Secretary/Admin. - Online Learning
11/01/2023Webinar - Effective Internal Controls - Why They Matter
11/15/2023Webinar - Mandatory Organization Meeting
11/29/2023Webinar - The Ethics Act Review
11/30/2023Webinar - Parliamentary Procedures
12/01/2023The Zoning Officer 101 - Online Learning - 3 Part Series
12/06/2023Webinar - The Role of the Mayor in Municipal Government
12/13/2023Webinar - An Intro. To PA Local Govt. For Elected Off- Pt. 1