Begin DateTitle
Multiple DatesDe-Escalation and Reasonable Use of Force
Multiple DatesMunicipal Budgeting And Finance
Multiple Dates2019 Police Civil Service Procedures Training
Multiple DatesPublic Works Management
Multiple DatesUnderstanding Complete Street Policies & Field Review
Multiple DatesYour Role As Municipal Secretary/Administrator
09/04/2019The Course in Subdivision & Land Dev. Review - Bucks County
09/09/2019The Course in Zoning Administration - Butler County
09/18/2019Webinar - Current Legal Challenges Regarding PT Police
09/19/2019Webinar - The Dirt on Conservation Districts
09/25/2019Webinar - Blight Webinar Series
09/26/2019Webinar - The Red Flags of Fraud in the Workplace
10/02/2019The Course in Zoning Administration - Bucks County
10/03/2019Webinar - Successful Strategies for Planning, Funding & Cons
10/10/2019Webinar - The Role of the Municipal Treasurer
10/17/2019Webinar - Understanding MS4 Permits in 2019
10/23/2019Webinar - Human Resources Hot Topics With Eckert Seamans
10/24/2019Webinar - Open Records Act Update
10/24/2019The Course in Subdivision & Land Dev. Review - Lancaster Co.
10/30/2019Webinar - Stretching Municipal Dollars for Facility Projects
11/13/2019Webinar - Strategies for Planning, Financing & Constructing
11/14/2019Webinar - Reorganization Meetings
11/19/2019Webinar - Right To Know Law 101 for Law Enforcement
11/20/2019Webinar - The Role of An Effective Council President
12/04/2019Webinar - Preparing for a New Council
12/05/2019Webinar - Reorganization Meetings
12/11/2019Webinar- Duties & Responibilities of Council - 2 Part Series
12/18/2019Webinar - Parliamentary Procedures - Evening Webinar